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Congratulations to THUSHAR S. KADU ,B.E. Mechanical for getting selected as 'TEAM LEADER' in Mahindra Vehical Manufacturers Ltd.,Pune.

Branch wise Option Code Nos.



Course Year Choice Code Intake
Mechanical First 662561210 120
Mechanical Second 662561280 60
Computer First 662524510 60
Computer Second 662524580 60
Civil First 662519110 60
E&TC First 662537210 60
E&TC Second 662537280 60
Electrical First 662529310 60




Course Year Choice Code Intake
Mechanical First 662561220 120
E&TC First 662537220 60
Civil First 662519120 60


Salient Features:

1. Beautiful, Natural, Grand Campus spread over 70 acres of land.

2. Excellent academic discipline and regular interaction with parents.

3. Digital Library with e-books and e-journals from IEEE & ASME.

4. For Meritorious students concession in fees.

5. Excellent Hostel facility.

6. Transportation facility from every corner of Pune & Pimpri-Chinchwad.

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